Booklet Marking Sony CSL's 25th Anniversary
The Point of Knowing—Sony CSL: The First 25 Years

Published:May 1, 2013
Original Art:Alexis Andre (Sony CSL)
Director:Adam Fulford
Publisher:Fulford Enterprises, Ltd.
Copyright:©2013 Sony CSL
Paperback:92 pages

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Sony CSL celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. The Point of Knowing—Sony CSL: The First 25 Years has been published to mark this anniversary. Based on interviews with Sony CSL researchers and staff, the booklet reviews the origins and history of Sony CSL, profiles the current researchers and their work, and considers aspects of the professional environment that have enabled Sony CSL not simply to survive but to thrive.
Art concept of the booklet
An evolution of knowledge. Each ossid (Open Systems Science researcher ID mark) is emblematic of a Sony CSL researcher and his or her study domain.
From the booklet:
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