Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc. (Sony CSL)was founded in February 1988. At Sony CSL, value is assessed by the degree to which achievements are perceived to contribute to humanity and society, to new science and technology, to industrial progress, and to product development. We respect and foster each member's initiative and creative ability. A work of research is often a reflection of the researcher's values, philosophy, and worldview.

We gather "Crazy" people and let them challenge themselves to change the world. When founded, Sony CSL focused on fundamental research in computer systems, including operating systems, the Internet, and user interfaces. As the organization evolved, its focus shifted to exploring ways to use computers in diverse domains such as systems biology, econophysics and artificial intelligence. And now, its major research themes are "Global Agenda," which encompasses issues ranging from energy to food and healthcare;  "Human Augmentation," which includes studies exploring human creativity and human - computer interaction / integration, and "Cybernetic Intelligence," in which Sony CSL aims to make real-world systems and processes intelligent based on AI and data analysis.

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