NY Symposium: "Synecoculture - Human Augmentation of Ecosystems" M.Funabashi

「協生農法:人の手による生態系の能力拡張」 舩橋真俊_01

Masatoshi Funabashi began by asking which form of agriculture produces more food globally, smallholdings or large-scale monoculture. The answer, at 70%, was smallholdings, which account for 80% of the world's arable land and where one-third of the world's population works. But he went on to point out that both types of farming are resulting in severely degraded soil in a world where we continue to destroy elements of our environment in spite of a growing threat of ecological collapse. He presented Synecoculture, "synthesis of anthropogenic edible ecosystem," as a way to augment both agricultural output and ecological health. To this end, Funabashi cultivates extremely diverse crops, even in very small spaces, and systematically gathers data about them. While several hundred thousand plant species are recorded and 7,000 are known to be edible, 75% of our food comes from only 12 plants (and five animal species). Synecoculture generates a huge amount of potentially valuable data that can be used by the community to "curate" previously overlooked food resources and boost ecological robustness.

03.TPoK Funabashi