NY Symposium: "Habitable Bits - Interactive Cities of the Future" Y.Takeuchi

「ハビタブル・ビット:インタラクティブな未来の都市」 竹内 雄一郎_01

Starting with the description of a mini "Central Park" -- complete with real vegetation -- that he had printed out in Tokyo, Yuichiro Takeuchi explained how to print and automatically seed a hydroponic garden with "soil" made from felt, and argued that this would be an efficient and effective way to green city rooftops. Takeuchi's interest in "bottom-up, computational urbanism" was also illustrated by two other technologies. The first, inspired by a city-bending scene in the movie Inception, was "Inception" glass: a means to customize the urban environment's appearance on a handheld (and in the future, a wearable) device. He showed how his software could be used to change the perceived height of a building on a computer display, for example to reflect the reputation of a restaurant inside the building, and how the software might be adapted to "see" around a corner in a busy city. His third topic, expressive cities, was illustrated by MIMMI, an installation that used social media activity to gauge and express the mood of Minneapolis in light, mist and sound. Takeuchi concluded with a vision of the city of the future as an environment of "habitable bits," in which urban environments can be edited as simply as a Facebook profile.

04.TPoK Takeuchi