NY Symposium: "A New You - Dawn of the Augmented Human" J.Rekimoto

「A New You:能力拡張の幕開け」 暦本純一_01

The researchers who have been with Sony CSL since its early years include CSL Deputy Director Jun Rekimoto, who spoke on the theme of A New You. He began with a review of human-tool interaction, drawing attention to two ideas in particular: the interface, thanks to which a human can come to grips (often literally) with a tool, and augmentation, which denotes the greater efficiency and effectiveness that the tool itself offers. He made the point that humans augmented by computers can achieve better results than either humans alone or computers alone, and went on to give examples of augmentation technologies that can make us happier, more active and more excited. These included a drone that moves in sync with its human operator. Rekimoto pointed out that technology of this kind could be used to deliver an objective, real-time view of running and batting form (or, in the case of AquaCAVE, swimming form), thus offering the viewer an opportunity to adjust form and improve. LiveSphere, a head-mounted device, could offer "the rest of us" a realistic sense of the world as seen by a top gymnast, while the HoverBall would bring the appeal of the Harry Potter sport quidditch to real life for people of all ages and abilities.

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