NYSymposium: "Hack the Body - Prosthesis as Augmentation Technology" K.Endo

「身体のハッキング:能力拡張技術としての義足」 遠藤謙_01

Joining the symposium remotely from Tokyo, where his wife was expecting to give birth at any moment, Ken Endo spoke about "hacking the body" to augment physical capability. Taking as his starting point the idea that a person with restricted mobility is disabled mainly in the sense that preconceptions and technology impose limitations on what is actually possible, Endo spoke about his endeavors to offer everyone the "delight of locomotion" through the development of three types of prosthesis: robotic, affordable and athletic. Driven by his desire to help a friend whose left leg was amputated below the knee, Endo has been devising and improving robotic prostheses that realistically approximate the functionality of a joint such as the ankle. Endo's battery-powered robotic ankle is now almost as small as the human ankle that it is designed to replace. Endo is also working on new affordable limbs for the Jaipurfoot initiative in India, which has already delivered 23,000 prostheses at no charge, and prostheses for Paralympic athletes, whose augmented capabilities may be expected to enable them to threaten Olympic records in years to come.

07.TPoK Endo