NY Symposium: "The Way of Play - Interactive Aesthetics" A.André

「遊道:相互作用の美学」 アレクシー・アンドレ_01

Alexis André, whose artwork appears in the booklet The Point of Knowing and continues to differentiate and unify the image of Sony CSL, spoke about his main area of study: the pursuit of entertainment through personalized experiences in which the creative process is centrally important. André said that what he wishes to engender in a person at play is not pleasure, a form of instant gratification, but enjoyment, which engages the mind more deeply and more rewardingly over a longer period of time. By posing an unconventional question such as "Can you touch sound?", he came up with the unconventional response of "sound bugs" (otomushi), a playable, mashable and, indeed, tangible form of recorded sound. Reflecting on the definition of "drawing," meanwhile, led André to the idea that not just output but process has value. There is little to enjoy about an activity in which progress from start to finish is predictable, but if the process is unpredictable, then on any journey the path becomes at least as enjoyable as the destination. Following various demonstrations that addressed the question "Can you draw with sound?", he concluded with the point that by focusing attention on the process behind how things work, "the way of play" can help to engender creative responses even to major intellectual challenges.

08.TPoK Alexis