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Vittorio Loreto

My research activity is focused on complexity science and its interdisciplinary applications. Along the past years I have been active in several fields from granular media, to complexity and information theory, from social dynamics to sustainabilty. My very recent KREYON project ( concerned "Unfolding the dynamics of creativity, novelties and innovation". In this context I am interested in understanding and modelling how the "new" enters our lives in its multiform instantiations: personal novelties or global innovation. To this end I'm blending, in a unitary interdisciplinary effort, three main activities: web-based experiments, data science and theoretical modeling.
Key to this endeavor is to grasp the structure and the dynamics of the "space of possibilities" in order to come up with a solid mathematical modelling of the way systems - biological, technological, social - explore the new at the individual and collective levels. Exploiting the knowledge of the way the space of possibilities is explored can be helpful to conceive the next generation of Artificial Intelligent algorithms able to cope with the occurrence of novelties, bridging in this way the gap between inference and unanticipated events.

Complexity / Social dynamics / Innovation / Creativity / Awareness / Learning



Selected Publications

Claudio Cstellano, Santo Fortunato and Vittorio Loreto, Statistical physics of social dynamics, Rev. Mod. Phys., 81 591-646 (2009).

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Giovanna Chiara Rodi, Vittorio Loreto, Vito D.P. Servedio and Francesca Tria, Optimal Learning Paths in Information Networks, Nature Scientific Reports, 5, 10286 (2016)

Giovanna Chiara Rodi, Vittorio Loreto and Francesca Tria, Search strategies of Wikipedia readers, PLoS ONE, 12(2): e0170746 (2017)

Alvaro Ruiz-Serrano, Bernardo Monechi, Francesca Tria and Vittorio Loreto, Waves of novelties from the expansion of the adjacent possible, PLoS ONE, 12(6): e0179303 (2017)

Bernardo Monechi, Pietro Gravino, Vito D.P. Servedio, Francesca Tria and Vittorio Loreto, Significance and Popularity in Music Production, Royal Society Open Science 4(7), 170433 (2017).

Jason Sakellariou, Francesca Tria, Vittorio Loreto and Francois Pachet, Maximum entropy models capture melodic styles, Scientific Reports, 7, 9172 (2017).


Vittorio Loreto holds a Degree and a Ph.D. in Physics from Sapienza University of Rome. In 2016 it was appointed Full Professor of Physics of Complex Systems at Sapienza University of Rome and in 2017 he joined the Faculty of the Complexity Science Hub in Vienna. From 2017 to 2017 he served as Research Leader of the ISI Foundation in Turin. In November 2017 he took the role of Director of SONY Computer Science Lab in Paris where he heads the team on "Innovation, Creativity and Artificial Intelligence". His scientific activity is mainly focused on the statistical physics of complex systems and its interdisciplinary applications. He coordinated several project at the EU level and he recently coordinated the KREYON project devoted to unfolding the dynamics of innovation and creativity. Has published over 180 papers in internationally refereed journals and conference proceedings and chaired several workshops and conferences.