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Pietro Gravino

We often relate to innovation as if it could be an answer to our questions and needs. But what if innovations are actually the questions? Each advance raises an increasing number of open questions. On one side they unlock a wider range of opportunities, possibly leading to new discoveries (both at a collective and individual level). On the other side, each creative exploit can have a potentially huge impact on humans, at cultural, societal, and psychological level. The focus of my research is twofold: the study of the exploration of the space of the unknown (in particular the so-called Adjacent Possible) and the assessment of the impact of this exploration on humans. I try to understand exploration behaviours in cultural systems, how creativity can emerge in such processes and the impact of innovations. The aim is to learn how we can use technology to "augment" our exploration and to improve our creativity.

Innovation / Creativity / Adjacent Possible / Complex Systems

Selected Publications

Complex structures and semantics in free word association P Gravino, VDP Servedio, A Barrat, V Loreto Advances in Complex Systems 15 (03n04), 1250054

Crossing the horizon: exploring the adjacent possible in a cultural system P Gravino, B Monechi, VDP Servedio, F Tria, V Loreto Proc. of the Seventh Int. Conf. on Computational Creativity, Paris, France

Experimental assessment of the emergence of awareness and its influence on behavioral changes: the EveryAware lesson P Gravino, A Sîrbu, M Becker, VDP Servedio, V Loreto Participatory Sensing, Opinions and Collective Awareness, 337-362

Unveiling Political Opinion Structures with a Web-experiment P Gravino, S Caminiti, A Sîrbu, F Tria, VDP Servedio, V Loreto Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Complex Information

Awareness and learning in participatory noise sensing M Becker, S Caminiti, D Fiorella, L Francis, P Gravino, MM Haklay, ... PLoS One 8 (12), e81638

Participatory patterns in an international air quality monitoring initiative A Sîrbu, M Becker, S Caminiti, B De Baets, B Elen, L Francis, P Gravino, ... PloS one 10 (8), e0136763


After a master thesis in the framework of the Complex Systems at Sapienza - University of Rome, Physics Dept., I worked as a collaborator for the Everyaware Project, supported by EU, aiming to enhance environmental awareness through social information technologies. I was one of the creator and manager of the Experimental Tribe project, an open web platform for gaming and social computation. I designed and implemented several experiments to study human behaviour by leveraging on gaming motivations. During my collaboration with these projects I got a Physics Ph.D. at Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna. I was also involved in the Kreyon Project, supported by Templeton Foundation. It was a research project investigating the dynamics of creativity and innovation. Kreyon aimed to promote interactive engagement with science by playing experimental online games.
After the end of the Kreyon Project I entered the Sony Computer Science Laboratory Paris as a Researcher, and I keep working on creativity and innovation.