Bernardo Monechi

Creativity is still lacking of a shared definition within the scientific community.
Nevertheless, a deep understanding of the mechanisms driving the exploration of the new and the emergence of innovations could have a strong impact in the way in which we think about science, arts and society. In my research, I exploit the typical tools of Complex Systems Physics trying to find for new approaches to the study of human creativity, considering creativity as the process of exploring spaces of possibilities looking for valuable novel elements. I am also interested in the modelization of techno-social systems (Urban Environments, Railway Systems, etc.), trying to involve citizens in the research process by means of engaging gamified social experiments.

Creativity / Social Experiments / Urban / Mobility



Selected Publications

Monechi, Bernardo, et al. "Significance and popularity in music production." Royal Society open science 4.7 (2017): 170433.

Monechi, Bernardo, et al. "Waves of novelties in the expansion into the adjacent possible." PloS one 12.6 (2017): e0179303.

Monechi, Bernardo, et al. "Complex delay dynamics on railway networks: from universal laws to realistic modelling." arXiv preprint arXiv:1707.08632 (2017).

Monechi, Bernardo, Vito DP Servedio, and Vittorio Loreto. "Congestion transition in air traffic networks." PloS one 10.5 (2015): e0125546.

Mastroianni, Pierpaolo, et al. "Local optimization strategies in urban vehicular mobility." PloS one 10.12 (2015): e0143799.


I was always fascinated by the possibility of explain the real world with numbers and math as many other people interested in theoretical physics. However, right before starting my PhD I realized that I was not interested much in the modelization of matter or in any other traditional physics subfields, but rather I was thrilled by the idea of interdisciplinarity and in particular that of mixing physics with social sciences. Thus, I left the University of Florence where I graduated to move to Rome in order to start a PhD focused on the study of the behavior of Air Traffic Controllers and later on human mobility within cities. There, I developed my interest in transportation systems and urban environments that I still carry on nowadays. I kept on drifting away from traditional physics when I joined the Kreyon Project as a post doc at ISI foundation in Turin, when I started studying the dynamics of creativity using data about online human activity and also by realizing social experiments during open events. At Sony CSL Paris I finally merged my two interests, looking for ways to use human creativity to solve sustainability problems.

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