Shuntaro Aotake
Project Engineer

We are currently in the midst of a catastrophic decline in biodiversity, and a global crisis brought on by rapid changes to our world’s climate and ecosystems is unfolding before our eyes. We need solutions, and we need them now. We need to create a world where economic activities and ecosystems are synergized, and we need systems, beginning with Synecoculture, that augment our ecosystems in conjunction with various industries (augmented ecosystems), and generate solutions to our food, health, and environmental issues. The foundations of this new world, where natural capital and social capital are mutually reinforcing, will be built by the problem-solving literacy and ingenuity of each one of us. In order to avoid imminent catastrophe and build sustainable societies and natural environments, I am promoting augmented human literacy and ingenuity with regard to ecosystems, as well as related R&D and commercialization efforts that that can be achieved in the limited time we have left.

[keywords] Synecoculture / Augmented Ecosystem / Ecosystem Sensing AI / Robotics /Cyber Ecosystem Platform / Symbiotic Earth