Adrien Verhulst
Project Researcher

Can we be extended to be more than 1 body, and be instead 2, 3, or more bodies? The motive of my work is to answer this question, and to develop a framework to allow a body to become a natural extension of our own body. XR now allows to control a surrogate body as if it was an extension of our body. But even if we are able - or not able - to do 2 tasks at the same time, or to change our attention from one task to another, can we control 2 bodies to the same extent? If I control 2 bodies, then how can I merge the sensory inputs from both bodies, and how can I then unmerge my intention to both bodies so they act individually. How can I adapt to use more than 1, 2, 3+ bodies? Also, can I indiscriminately perceive several bodies as 1? Those questions lead a novel way to approach the very notion of the "self", and bring out novel ways to interact within the "Metaverse" and within our material universe, for example by developing remote experiences made of temporary bodies.

virtual reality / embodiment / multi-embodiment