Kei Aria Nonaka
Project Engineer

To contribute to the future of humanity and this planet through ecosystems such as Synecoculture, it is essential to build an ICT ecosystem where people accumulate empirical knowledge and data through trial and error. I will contribute to the creation of a mechanism for social change that fosters the development of cultural spheres rooted in expanded ecosystems to self-organize through the development and implementation of AI and API facades, based on the integration of big data on biodiversity, geographic and meteorological observation, and large-scale language models. Particularly, assuming the effectiveness in social implementation and management that are complex, open, and interconnected with diverse elements, I will build a loop of practical use, verification, and improvement that will make it more versatile as the next-generation foundational technology.

Synecoculture / Augmented Ecosystem / Open Complex Systems / Social Implementation / Citizen Science / Development Economics / Causal Inference / Synecology / Network Analysis / Large Language Model / Self-organization / Ecological Optimum / Ecosystems Management