Daiki Yanagidaira

When we look at the history of how people shared information, we see a development from movable-type printing in the 15th century to many kinds of mass media using text, audio, images, and video as newspapers, radio and TV became part of our lives. Then, in the latter part of the 20th century, advances in information technology made it possible to instantaneously exchange all kinds of information as personal media. In the 21st century, renewable energy came to prominence due to environmental issues and natural disasters. It is not unusual now for private homes to have their own solar PV panels or wind turbines. And power control technologies have advanced in fields ranging from the mobile devices to trains, homes and factories. In the same way as mass information media evolved into consumer-generated media, consumers will soon be able to easily control how they produce and use their own electricity. Yanagidaira sees electricity as another medium, an energy medium, and is exploring the potential for Open Energy Systems to become a new means of producing, consuming, exchanging and sharing electrical power among individuals, just as IT technology did for information media. Yanagidaira’s research ambitions are not restricted to a demonstration project, but extend to developing methods to build and operate such electrical power systems on a society-wide basis.

Energy management / Charging System / self-distributed / Media




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