Yoshiichi Tokuda

What is sustainable development? If the lifestyles currently enjoyed in industrialized nations are adopted by the entire world, that will not be sustainable for our planet. At the same time, we cannot simply give up all our modern conveniences and go back to a primitive era. Sustainable development is not about quantitative growth - it is about qualitative improvement. My work in sustainability started with solving problems related to infrastructure, including energy accessibility and utilization of renewable energy. Combining wisdom from traditional ways of life with cutting-edge science and technology, I hope to use a “development” approach to tackle the difficult challenge of making the improvement of our quality of life compatible with the preservation of our natural environment.

Sustainability / Sustainable development / SDGs / Renewable energy / Infrastructure / BOP






At Tohoku University's Graduate School of Information Sciences, Tokuda’s research on design support systems using formal specification languages led to a doctorate in Information Sciences. After a spell as an assistant at the Research Institute of Electrical Communication, he then joined Sony, working in the Human Interfaces Laboratory on upper process improvement for usability engineering and software design. Tokuda then transferred to the Creative Center, where he was involved in sustainable design and projects related to the FIFA World Cup. At Sony CSL, he has been involved in two projects: a preliminary joint study with JICA promoting BOP business linkages called Off-Grid Electrification for Unelectrified Areas of Ghana (2011-2013), and empirical research on distributed DC power control for deploying Open Energy Systems (2012-2014, with Okinawa Prefectural Government) to support basic technology research for energy in subtropical island areas.

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