Yuichiro Takeuchi

Wikitopia: Future Cities, Built by Citizens

The goal of my research is to bring about a new era of bottom-up, computational urbanism―a future in which the built environment is infused with the plasticity and interactivity of digital "bits", a world where buildings can be freely customized like smartphone wallpapers and cities are collectively edited and improved by citizens like Wikipedia.

To achieve the above goal I engage in an eclectic range of technological research informed by multiple engineering and design disciplines, involving robotic architecture/furniture, IoT, augmented reality, environmental-scale 3D printing, digital democracy, etc. I believe that continued development of such technologies will eventually lead to the experience that we are living within a world of "habitable bits".

Wikitopia project page

Information Technology / Urbanism / Architecture / Democracy



Selected Publications

Takeuchi, Y. (Ed.). Atlas of Future Cities. Japan Science and Technology Agency. 2017.

Takeuchi, Y. Towards Habitable Bits: Digitizing the Built Environment. Proc. ITS 2014. Honorable Mention Award.

Takeuchi, Y., Perlin, K. ClayVision: The (Elastic) Image of the City. Proc. CHI 2012. Best Paper Award.


I am a Toronto-born computer scientist whose research interest lies in the intersection of emerging technologies and architecture / urban design. My work has appeared in a number of top-tier academic journals/conferences, and has been recognized with multiple international awards including an ACM CHI Best Paper Award. I hold a PhD in Informatics from The University of Tokyo and an MDes from Harvard University.

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