Yuichiro Takeuchi

Wikitopia: Future Cities, Built by Citizens The goal of my research is to realize technologically-enhanced future cities that are continuously edited and improved by citizens like the online encyclopedia Wikipedia. Who are in charge of building our cities? Governments, industries, professionals such as architects and planners — while there may be a number of possible responses, in any case the power to design and build cities is not equally distributed among citizens (i.e., the actual "users" of cities), but is instead consolidated in the hands of select institutions and individuals. In contrast, in the digital world we can find many examples — Linux and Wikipedia, to name two — of large, complex systems built by "everyone", or groups of willing volunteers. My research aims to bring such democratic modes of production to urban design, giving rise to a new form of urbanism that can better, and more quickly, respond to the needs of diverse populations.

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Urbanism / Democracy



Selected Publications

Takeuchi, Y. (Ed.). Atlas of Future Cities. Japan Science and Technology Agency. 2017.

Takeuchi, Y. Towards Habitable Bits: Digitizing the Built Environment. Proc. ITS 2014. Honorable Mention Award.

Takeuchi, Y., Perlin, K. ClayVision: The (Elastic) Image of the City. Proc. CHI 2012. Best Paper Award.


I am a Toronto-born computer scientist whose research interest lies in the intersection of emerging technologies and architecture / urban design. My work has appeared in a number of top-tier academic journals/conferences, and has been recognized with multiple international awards including an ACM CHI Best Paper Award. I hold a PhD in Informatics from The University of Tokyo and an MDes from Harvard University.

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