Shigeru Owada

Decades ago, an idea was conceived: a ubiquitous network that could use the power of technology to enrich our daily lives by connecting anything and everything. At the time, this was nothing more than an academic exercise, a dream of how life could be, but now, for better or for worse, an energy crisis looms, and the era of smart homes, smart buildings and the Internet of Things has finally become a reality. We also have easy access to tools such as the cloud and deep learning. However, we are still uncertain about what we should actually do with these technologies. That is why this is such an exciting time—it is an era when we can look deeply at specific problems, come up with new services, and make them a reality with relative ease. Amid these circumstances, I am creating tools that entertain me completely, and that I hope other people will enjoy completely as well. This is my objective, and I have been undertaking various activities to achieve it.

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Smart House / IoT / API / Open Source






Owada is interested in applications for smart houses, both in the services themselves and in developing the underlying software and services that make those applications easier to create. He is involved in supporting the emergence of a development community in this area. His achievements so far include developing Kadecot, a home API server for Android; the OpenECHO driver library for ECHONET Lite; and home-electronics connectivity web applications Kadeckly, Moekaden, and Hexflick. Owada is involved in hosting numerous events, including Home Hackers Workshops and Sessions, and is an active promoter of the smart house application developer community on Facebook. Owada has a masters degree in Computer Science and a doctorate (2005) in Information Science and Technology from the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo.

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