Shigeru Owada

Children are raised with love. No one would disagree that personalities are formed through emotional relationships with the people around them, and that people with diverse personalities and abilities are nurtured.On the other hand, the issue of how to raise children "well" reflects the diversity of cultures, policies, and the values of the individuals involved, so there is no simple answer and we tend to rely on our emotions and subjectivity.However, continuing to evaluate the value of childcare activities based solely on emotion and subjectivity is a long way from identifying issues and taking effective measures.
My interest lies in the possibility that "childcare tech," which brings technology into the childcare field, will improve the quality of childcare through objective analysis of the developmental process using advanced technology, reflection on that analysis, and new practices.
In Japan, the childcare field is a busy workplace, making it difficult to take on new challenges with the possibility of failure. This is why I decided to become a certified nursery school teacher and enter the field to share my values and conduct research based on mutual understanding. The concept of "childcare tech" has gained the sympathy of many people, and various projects have started running. We will continue to work with partners inside and outside Japan to conduct research to realize better childcare.

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Childcare / Sensing / Image processing / AI






Owada is interested in applications for smart houses, both in the services themselves and in developing the underlying software and services that make those applications easier to create. He is involved in supporting the emergence of a development community in this area. His achievements so far include developing Kadecot, a home API server for Android; the OpenECHO driver library for ECHONET Lite; and home-electronics connectivity web applications Kadeckly, Moekaden, and Hexflick. Owada is involved in hosting numerous events, including Home Hackers Workshops and Sessions, and is an active promoter of the smart house application developer community on Facebook. Owada has a masters degree in Computer Science and a doctorate (2005) in Information Science and Technology from the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo.