Yuji Yamamoto

I'm seeking for new "Health management" solution through which people achieve health as long and affordable as possible, and "Stealth care" where people do not even recognize their "cared" status. Health, which empowers us to contribute to our society, should be the target under a new health care system and the value in 21st century. However, our current medical system has long focused on "disease-cure", rather than health-care. Technology advance is allowing us to protect and save health in advance of disease onset, which opens the door to health capitalism era. Japan has universal insurance system and standardized information infrastructure. Using these assets as our advantage, I gather and analyze health data of administrative (billing) and labo result to detect care gap and neglected patients. Solutions for such missing area also need to be developed. Implementation of such solution in ordinary life of appropriate target population is my final goal. Then I would deliver a new solution to the health care industry and change the paradigm.

>> Minacare, Inc.

Healthcare as an Investment / More than Data / Business Model Innovation / Industry Reform




Yuji Yamamoto is a researcher at Sony Computer Science Laboratories, and CEO and Founder of MinaCare. Previously, he was director of the Office of Medical Innovation within Japan’s Cabinet Secretariat, and visiting professor at Keio University. He was also a fellow at the Japan Science and Technology Agency. A trained cardiologist, he practiced medicine for 6 years before receiving an MBA from Harvard and then returning to Japan to provide a medical practitioner’s perspective to the country’s health policy. He qualified as a board certified member of the Japanese Society of Internal Medicine, and an occupational physician.


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