Kazuhiro Sakurada

The creation of societal values based on the science of objects and information has hit a big wall. In 1992, Masaru Ibuka, a founder of Sony, proclaimed, “The people of the world have been completely deceived by this world ‘science,’ invented by Descartes and Newton.” He urged a paradigm shift. I myself have also come to want to create a society of abundance, based on a deep understanding of life and the human species, where diverse people and living things can exist in harmony. Human beings are not genetically programmed systems—they are historical systems that create rhythms spontaneously, and that organize themselves through cooperation.
For this reason, we humans must define ourselves not by spatial properties like structure and function, but by temporal properties. Life is diverse and complicated, and in order to define what exactly these “time properties” are, I am working to collect and organize, in machine-readable form, “life course data” related to the physical condition of a person and then leverage the power of artificial intelligence to analyze that data.
Using a hidden hierarchical Markov model to calculate state transition probability, I have discovered a method of representing the changes in degree of freedom of a living being, as well as the limits of that freedom. Through a paradigm shift from controllability to creativity, from planning to discovery, and from competition to cooperation, my hope is that this research will lead to the creation of new values for human society.

Reduction of Degree of Freedom / Temporal Property / State-space Model / Hierarchical Hidden Markov Model / Style / Heuristic / Coordination / Intercorporéité



Selected Publications

Sakurada K. (2010) Environmental epigenetic modifications and reprogramming recalcitrant genes. Stem Cell Res. 4(3) 157-164

Sakurada K.(2012)Toward new synthesis of life (新たな生命の総合をめざして) Sony CSL Research Lecture

Sakurada K. (2015) Realization of Preemptive Medicine by Data-Driven Research. Experimental Medicine (実験医学) 33(7)176-183


Dr. Kazuhiro Sakurada has been working for Sony CSL as a senior researcher since September 2008. He served as Head of Research Center Japan, Head of Therapeutic Research Group Regenerative Medicine and member of Global Research Management Team for Bayer Schering Pharma (SVP class), as well as a member of the Executive Committee of Bayer Yakuhin until December 2007. Prior to the merger of Bayer AG and Schering AG in June 2006, he was a member of the Executive Board of Nihon Schering since joining such company in October 2004, as well as head of research center Japan and a member of Corporate Research Management Team of Schering AG (SVP class). From 1988 until September 2004, he was employed by Kyowa Hakko where he held positions of responsibility in Regenerative Medicine and stem cell based drug discovery. From 2000 through 2004, he was a principle investigator of Kyowa Hakko Tokyo Research Laboratories. He holds a Ph.D. from Osaka University. Before joining Sony CSL, he served as Chief Scientific Officer of US based start-up company iZumi Bio to transfer human iPS cell technologies developed in Bayer Research Center Japan. He is now also working for RIKEN as a Deputy Program Director of Medical Sciences Innovation Hub Program, and Group Director of Healthcare and Medical Data Multi-level Integration Platform Group. In 2016, he founded Milcare Corporation to practically realize personalized healthcare services, and currently serves the company as an external advisor. He received a Ph.D. from Osaka University in 1993.

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