Masaaki Hoshino


OES Project

星野 政明 Masaaki Hoshino

As awareness grows that environmental problems threaten the survival of the human race, we must rewrite the scenario to offer a brighter future and more sustainable, enlightened society. Energy is one such challenge.
Renewable energy systems like solar and wind power have a shortcoming in that they vary based on the weather. Therefore, matching electricity supply and demand from moment to moment is difficult and power may not be available when it is most critically needed. Advances in energy storage technologies, however, allow us to create an energy "buffer" and reduce the aforementioned mismatching. Furthermore, if it is possible to dispatch excess power beyond storage capacity to nearby homes on a demand basis, the rate of renewable power usage could be raised further. We are proposing the microgrid system "DCOES," where each home's electricity storage equipment is connected by a local DC power grid. We are trying to solve various technical and business obstacles in order to disseminate this technology while complementing the role of centralized electric grid networks centered on existing power plants. Additionally, bringing mobile energy sources (such as electric cars) and consumer behavior models into an optimized control scheme are interesting topics. We are moving forward with R&D and real-world implementation projects.



DC Micro Grid / Sustainable Development / Optimization / Personalization / Data Analytics / Text Analysis