Shunichiro Iwase

For more than 15 years, I was involved in designing computers and video game consoles that consumed a large amount of electricity. While energy efficiency was a key challenge and an important factor in designing eco-friendly products, I was haunted by the thought that eco-friendly systems, which had limits on the amount of power they could use, might be compromising the user’s experience. The players in the electric power industry have never cooperated as closely as they are cooperating now—in fields including renewable energy, storage batteries, VPP, EV, IoT, AI and blockchain technologies—in order to figure out the next generation of energy services. In the future, if we can use various technologies to store energy from any natural phenomenon, and then provide this energy to anyone who needs it, people will be able to use any amount of electricity they want without having to worry about the environment. I am developing critical technologies to further advance the Open Energy Systems (OES) concept.

Renewable energy / Sustainability / Self-distributed system / System control




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