Hiroaki Yamazoe
Project Engineer

As privately funded space development finally begins in earnest, it seems clear that communications technology for use in space will become increasingly important. Optical telecommunications, in particular, have many vital advantages over radio, and are expected to play a leading role in space development—they can use much wider bandwidth, meaning it is easier to achieve high communication speeds; they are smaller and lighter; and they consume less energy. As a software engineer, I have experience in the management of NAND flash memory, and I plan to handle the software development on this optical communications project. It may seem as if going from tiny memory cards to communications on a planetary scale is an extreme change, but from the software perspective, there is a lot of common ground with regard to the speed and reliability that need to be achieved, and the management techniques required. I believe my previous experience will help find ways to make this project a reality. I look forward to the day when we can offer high-quality, real-time communications in space.


[keywords] space / optical space communication / satellite / constellation / mesh network