Yuji Kawamura
Project Engineer

It is said that we are living in the “Anthropocene” epoch in which the impact of human activities on the global environment is greater than natural factors.  It is now necessary for humans to solve a variety of problems such as the mass extinction of living organisms and global warming.  For this reason, it is necessary to create a world where ecosystems are augmented through Synecoculture farming that can solve food, environmental, and health problems, and where synergies can be created between economic activities and ecosystems.  I will endeavor to utilize the technology I have cultivated so far as an engineer to do things such as the building support of economic zones using Fintech, expanding scalability using robotics and AI, and expand the possibilities of Synecoculture using ICT.

[Keywords]  Synecoculture / Augmented Ecosystem / Biodiversity / Fintech / Robotics / AI