[PRESS RELEASE]Launch of a new service specialized in contact-center operations using newly developed AI technology


BELLSYSTEM24 Holdings, Inc. and Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc. have launched a new service specialized in contact-center operations. This new service contributes improving operational efficiency through the use of newly developed artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

With Mopas™, a high-precision AI search engine specialized for contact-center operations, and Knowledge Creator™(patent pending), a feature that enables AI-enhanced knowledge maintenance, this service improves efficiency and reduces the operations necessary to respond to email inquiries from customers.

To solve those problems and develop an optimal AI for practical customer-service operations, BELLSYSTEM24 and Sony CSL have jointly developed an original AI by combining BELLSYSTEM24's knowledge of the on-site flow of contact-center operations and Sony CSL's knowledge of AI research. Through this development, the two companies aim to improve the efficiency of operations, reduce the strain on contact-center employees, and improve customer-friendliness in contact-center operations.

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