【GPIF】The final report


The final report on the study commissioned by the Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF) is now available online.

"A Study on the Use of Artificial Intelligence for Learning Characteristics of Funds' Behavior"


While the "Resembler," a system to quantitatively evaluate qualitative information, such as investment policies and investment processes, was tested at GPIF for the interim report, changes in the investment behavior of existing clients detected by the Resembler were analyzed for the final report midst the "corona shock market" triggered by the pandemic.  The Resembler was further updated and pilot tested for the selection of investment institutions as well.

Neudata (2020/10/15)
GPIF expands manager selection research with explainable AI
https://www.neudata.co/alternative-data-news/gpif-expands-manager-selection-research-with-explainable-ai (Registration required)

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