Widening Vision for greater symbiosis with the Planet


Dr. Funabashi appeared in "Our Story for the Planet Earth," a video depicting Sony's efforts.

Widening Vision for greater symbiosis with the PlanetTo go beyond the trade-off between productivity and environmental damage: that is the guiding principle behind unique farming method from Sony CSL (Sony Computer Science Laboratories). Synecoculture™ that artificially creates an ecosystem in which useful plants grow, enriching biodiversity while providing food. Maximizing the potential of plants by creating an ecosystem that will deliver a hopeful future-facing initiative in which people co-exist with all living things. How does Sony CSL researcher Masatoshi Funabashi imagine the world his activities promote? See Sony’s thoughts on the Earth through his perspective.

Our Story for the Planet Earth
Our Story for the Planet Earth The story of the Earth is our story as well. Technology, agriculture, space, entertainment. Through dialogue with Sony engineers and researchers in various fields, we find new perspectives from which to see our Earth. What can Sony do now, what can Sony accomplish for the future, to preserve the rich vistas of Earth for centuries and millennia to come? This special video introduces Sony’s new challenges to create a sustainable society with “us” around the world.

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