Plant Biotechnology


plantbiotechnology_33_4You can find 3 (three) articles by CSL Researcher M.Funabashi in the journal "Plant Biotechnology" Vol 33 (2016) No. 4" issued by the Japanese Society for Plant Cell and Molecular Biology.

Pictures from his study of "Synecoculture" can also be found on the cover page.

Synecological farming: Theoretical foundation on biodiversity responses of plant communities
Masatoshi Funabashi
Vol. 33 (2016) No. 4   213-234

Environmental responses of plants: Biological interactions in the homogenous population or community (mixed populations)
Tsuyoshi Mizoguchi, Masatoshi Funabashi
Vol. 33 (2016) No. 4   211-212

Naturally grown rucola, Eruca sativa, contains more α-linolenic acid than conventionally grown rucola
Kousaku Ohta, Tsuyoshi Takeshita, Masatoshi Funabashi, Shoji Oda
Vol. 33 (2016) No. 4   277-279

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