ELSI Meeting of Experts: Fundamental Principles of Life Workshop


Lana Sinapayen (Sony CSL, right) and Olaf Witkowski (ELSI, left) organized a workshop "The Fundamental Principles of Life" under the patronage of the Earth-Life Science Institute (ELSI) of Tokyo Institute of Technology on January 15-17, 2019.

This 3-day workshop, the first of a series of Meetings of Experts, gathered 30 researchers with strong expertise in the field of Artificial Life. The participants contributed a list of questions that they believe are fundamental to an understanding of Life as a phenomenon, and to which the field does not yet have answers. Based on these questions, discussion groups formed to devise experiments and start collaborations to advance understanding of these questions.

It ended with discussions of meta-issues in the community, such as joining and exiting this research field, and information exchange inside and outside of the community. Participants also pledged to organize follow-ups to the meeting, with specialized programming workshops, hackathons, working groups, online talks, and an overview paper.

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