International Conference on Evolvable Systems 1998

Special Session on the Theories and Applications of Morphogenesis for Complex Systems Design

While many key ideas in computer science were insprired from biological phenoema, such as evolution, neural networks, and immune system, the application of developmental process, or morphogenesis have began only recently, perhaps after 1990. However, number of researcher are steadly growing.
In ICES-98, we will organize a dedicated special track on this growing new area. We solicit high quality original contribution in the area on the theory and application of morphogenesis for designing complex systems, artistic work, and other artificial objects.
A partial list of topics include:

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Submittion format is same as ICES-98, as it is one of the sessions in ICES-98.

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Hiroaki Kitano
Sony Computer Science Laboratories
3-14-13 Higashi-Gotanda, Shinagawa
Tokyo 141 Japan