Sony Global Education, Inc.

株式会社ソニー・グローバルエデュケーションSony Global Education (SGED) was established in 2015.4.1 with the mission to use innovative technology to help create solutions for the diverse educational needs of people of all ages right across the globe.

Sony Global Education, Inc. will take over the operation of the applications that have been developed at Sony CSL, including "MathNative," the first math quiz presented in the form of a picture book (available in multiple languages) and "Global Math Challenge," a worldwide online math competition.

MathNative, Global Math Challenge and other applications run on a common platform, developed independently by Sony CSL, that represents the core of Sony Global Education Inc.'s business. The platform is designed to be used for math and various other applications, covering all the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), which are essential in education and human resource development across the world. The platform will be easy to use for all interested corporations or individuals, and the new enterprise will seek open partnerships with a wide variety of businesses and organizations, both in Japan and in other countries.

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