New application brings Web data and tweets in audio


Oto-Latte is an application that makes it possible to access information through audio, rather than by looking at a computer terminal screen. Oto-Latte is extremely easy to use. Simply install the application software and hit the Play button. Text will be converted to speech as if listening to the radio. When you’re are in a packed train, where you can’t even move When you’re driving When you’re cooking When you’re exercising In these situations, Oto-Latte manifests unrivaled power.

* This service was discontinued on Mar. 24, 2013. Thank you for being a subscriber.

Make a radio program of your own

Oto-Latte demonstrates its power in making original programs, which can combine and organize registered content, including RSS, twitters, smartphone music, and etc. These programs can be classified into several modes, as desired. For example, the “business” mode could cover economic news and current event topics in the morning, while the “relax” mode could encompass music and entertainment for the evening or on holidays.

Oto-Latte contents

  • News: politics, economy, society, government, sports (Jiji Press)
  • Entertainment (Mainichi Newspapers, MANTAN WEB, Anime!Anime!, INSIDE, cinemacafe, etc.)
  • Technology (ITmedia, GIZMODO, etc.)
  • Lifestyle (R25, Cycle Style, lifehacker, nanapi, etc.)
  • Rankings (goo ranking, imatopi ranking, etc.)
  • Forex (Sony Bank)
  • Gasoline prices (e-nempi)
  • Cars (response)
  • Books・audio books (Febe)
  • Weather
  • Astrology
  • Music
  • RSS(Feedly)
  • Twitter

Oto-Latte, a tool to broaden the scope of Web application and users

Today, a huge amount of information is flooding Web sites, far more than the amount of information provided by such traditional media as TV and radio. To obtain needed Web information, we must search, browse and scroll. Traditional media allow us to receive information passively or while doing something else. This convenience is a big merit. Oto-Latte development started with researchers looked for an unconventional tool that could bring together the merits of old and new media—convenience and quantity. During the 2011 earthquake-tsunami disaster that devastated the northeastern part of Japan, Twitter and other forms of SNS played an impressive role in obtaining and transmitting information. Many affected people who had no SNS knowledge – in particular, the elderly -- reportedly were helped by high school students, who could read evacuation and rescue information for them from mobile phones. Communication has its basis in the natural human voice. If Web information can be transmitted by voice, it could expand the situations for Web application and increase the number of people with access to Web information. The ultimate goal of Oto-Latte was to create a new form of radio that meets the needs of listeners in all generations.