Music Mashroom

Music remix-mashup service

 Music Mashroom_ページ用Music Mushroom is a service that enables users to remix and mash up existing pieces of music, then exchange the new versions with other people. The data added to music that is created with MetaPong! can be stored in the Timeline Metadata Room. With Hash’n Mash, a user can easily obtain a remixed version of the stored data. The remixed music can be uploaded into Recipe Room and be made widely accessible.

Features of Hash’n Mash

  • needs no expert knowledge of music
  • entails no complex waveform editing
  • exchanges possibilities for remixing based on existing music

*The service discontinued in February 2014

What is Timeline Metadata?

Timeline Metadata is a collection of data connected with certain music — beat positions, melody composition (verse, chorus, etc.) and chord progressions.

Timeline Metadata combined with MetaPong! can be shared on the server. The data becomes readily available to anyone with the use of Hash’n Mash. The size of Timeline Metadata stored in the server is initially equivalent to more than 3,000 pieces of music.

[Details of what is published]

  • Hash’n Mash Music Mashroom Image Sample-- a music remix application
  • Recipe Room-- a remix recipe sharing site
  • MetaPong! -- an application for adding Timeline Metadata
  • Timeline Metadata Room -- a site for sharing Timeline Metadata