Recruitment of research assistants

Sony CSL is currently recruiting research assistant positions.

Overview of Requirements

Eligible applicants Current students enrolled at a university in Japan, including Master and PhD students.
Due to Covid 19, the Japan government is restricting entry to all non-resident foreign nationals. This position is limited to those already residing in Japan.
Compensation The hourly salary is as follows:
Undergraduate students: 1,300yen
Masters students:1,500yen
PhD students:1,800yen
Work-related transportation expenses will be reimbursed.
Currently, due to corona, our employees are working remotely.
Selection Process After a review of your CV and an interview, we will make our decision.
How to apply Please apply from the following each project details.
Deadline: November 30th

Working day and hours will be decided upon consultation.

International students are required to apply for and obtain "Shikakugai-katsudokyoka" (permission to participate in activities beyond those allowed by visa status) prior to accepting part-time work.

Current Research assistant Positions
Please click each project to find an overview of basic requirements, expected results, tasks, desired skills, and work location.

Tokyo Laboratory
Shigeru Owada
Shunichi Kasahara
Kyoto Laboratory
Yuichiro Takeuchi

Inquiries:   (Yamakoshi / Kashiwa)

October 25th, 2021

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