Overview - Hoiku Tech

Shigeru Owada
Project Hoiku Tech / Tech for Childcare
Expected Results Findings that contribute to improving the quality of childcare
Job description
(not limited to this list)
1) Data analysis task: Analysis of audio and video information obtained from nurseries. We are currently waiting for the following data to be analyzed
- 3 weeks of audio recordings from the voice recorder
- About 10 days of video recordings from the wearable camera attached to the glasses.
- Environmental data such as temperature, humidity, CO2, noise, etc. (about a year's worth)
- Hand movement data from handmade data gloves

2) On-site contribution task: We are developing a childcare record support application for iPhone/Apple Watch to support the work of childcare workers, and we need your help. If you are strong in app development, we would like to create other apps in the future.
Required Skills 1) For data analysis tasks, knowledge of Python/Docker, etc., and the ability to read English documents are required to be able to use and apply open machine learning/deep learning resources to audio or video data as a user (we do not develop new machine learning technologies). It is appreciated if you are familiar with the latest trends.
2) For the on-site contribution task, experience in developing for the iPhone is a prerequisite.
Language English or Japanese
Duration more than 1 month~
Place Remote (facilities at Sony CSL Tokyo may be used once the COVID-19 situation improves)
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