Overview - 3D Wagashi Generation by Deep Learning

Researcher (Proponent) Jun Rekimoto
Project 3D Wagashi Generation by Deep Learning
Expected Results Creation of new wagashi ideas based on all kinds of wagashi data (images and text)
Job description
(not limited to this list)
Aggregation and analysis of text and image data related to Wagashi, and generation of new Wagashi through deep learning
Required Skills Knowledge of Python/Pytorch, etc. sufficient to use and apply open machine learning/deep learning resources to text or image data, and the ability to read English documentation is a prerequisite.
Candidates must be familiar (or interested) with deep learning models such as Diffusion
Language requirement Japanese OR/AND English
Duration From 3 months or more (minimum of once a week is acceptable)
Application Deadline January 31st, 2023
Place Sony CSL Kyoto Lab / Online
Reference We are also working on texture reproduction technology as a separate project but with potential for collaboration.