Cat@Log (cat-a-log)

Cat@Log(ペット版ライフログ)Cat@Log (cat-a-log) is a research on “human-pet interaction” using computers. In spite of the development of technologies that support human-computer or human-human interaction, few studies have been conducted for improving interactions between humans and pets, pets and computers, or between two pets (2009).

As an initial step in this research, a wearable sensing device that could be attached to pet cats, was developed. The wearable device unit comprised of various sensing modules inclusive of a camera, a GPS, an accelerometer, and a Bluetooth wireless module. An optimum design of the device in terms of form factor and the way of attachment was considered so that it would not cause discomfort to the pets. The device was able to recognize and log the experiences and activities of cats, and the information were transmitted in real time to the Net by using the Bluetooth wireless module. Software that would automatically recognize the pets’ high-level behaviors and post them on SNS such as Twitter were developed at the same time.