JackIn Space

JackIn Space is a framework that allows free transition between first and third person view.

JackIn is a framework for interactions advocated by Dr. J.Rekimoto, Deputy Director of Research at Sony CSL, allowing one person to become immersed in the situation another person is experiencing, sharing sensory input from that environment. Based on this concept, JackIn Space allows users to experience more freedom of perspective by freely transitioning between first and third person view.

Traditional telepresence systems only supported first person view and users had difficulty in recognizing the surrounding situation of the remote workspace. The JackIn Space concept addresses this problem by seamlessly integrating first person view with third person view. With a head-mounted first person camera and multiple depth sensors installed in the environment, the surrogate user’s first person view smoothly changes to the out-of-body third person view, and the user who connects to the surrogate user can virtually look around the environment. The user can also dive into the other remote user’s first person view to look at the environment from the different perspective.

JackIn Space is a joint project with the Rekimoto Lab at the Tokyo University.