The Point of Knowing Visual Identity

The booklet “The Point of Knowing - Sony CSL: The First 25 Years” has been published in 2013 to mark the 25th anniversary of Sony CSL. The booklet reviews the origins and history of Sony CSL, profiles the current researchers and their work, and considers aspects of the professional environment that have enabled Sony CSL not simply to survive but also to thrive.


tpok01The art concept of the booklet was designed by CSL researcher Alexis Andre. Each designed “ossid" (Open Systems Science researcher ID mark) is emblematic of a Sony CSL researcher and their study domain. An animation that depicts the evolution of knowledge at Sony CSL has also been created.

The concept itself continues to evolve: designs that sprang off from it were used at the 2013 CSL Open House (Tokyo), as well as the symposium held at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 2014. You may also notice multiple motifs that originate from this concept in this new website.