Agriculture that overcomes the trade-off between productivity and environmental damage

Humans have engaged in agriculture for more than 10,000 years.. The history of agriculture involves a constant trade-off between productivity and environmental impact. Modern agriculture is still situated along the same line, further loading the environment to realize physiological optimum in large-scale monoculture. Meanwhile, when we look back at the history of Earth’s biosphere, plants have co-evolved in their ecosystems, creating complex, competitive mechanisms of symbiosis. This process brought substantial changes to the environment, a change that proceeded in favor of plants. Against this background, proponents of symbiotic agriculture believe the ecosystem’s self-distributed, highly self-organizing power promises the ecologically optimal approach to growing crops. They propose that the same thinking be applied to other primary industries, to help overcome the deep-rooted trade-off between productivity and environmental degradation. 

Synecoculture Manual 2016 Version (English)

Manuel d’agriculture synécologique Edition 2016 (French) 


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