NY Symposium: "Think Extreme" Hiroaki Kitano


Opening the symposium, Sony CSL CEO Hiroaki Kitano reviewed the proven value of a standard scientific approach when analyzing reproducible events in closed systems, but drew attention to the limited capability of conventional science to advance knowledge about the non-reproducible and unexpected events that we actually encounter in everyday life. He then presented Open Systems Science, a methodology guiding research at CSL, as a way to come to terms with the complexity and unpredictability of the real world, in which no system is actually closed and every system (big or small) influences and is influenced by countless others. He pointed out the challenges of an approach to learning where the researcher is working within the system that is being studied, and he underlined the essential need for all research to make a significant, positive and practical contribution to the ultimate goal of human and planetary sustainability. He said the key requirements for the researcher are to act beyond boundaries (that is, not to be confined to a specific scientific domain but rather to be eager to transcend artificial academic divisions) and to "think extreme." He listed the major themes to be covered in the symposium -- global agenda, human augmentation and exploring creativity -- and noted that even with only 30 researchers, CSL is exploring a very broad range of valuable knowledge in these contexts.

01.TPoK Opening