NY Symposium: "Open Energy Systems - A Peer-to-Peer Electricity Grid" A.Werth


Following a short video about Sony CSL's contribution to off-grid energy solutions in African countries and Bangladesh, Annette Werth spoke about her vision of a peer-to-peer electricity grid by means of which energy can be flexibly shared as required. She drew attention to the vulnerability of a conventional centralized AC grid, where energy flows one way from a power plant to individual households, and where a breakdown at any stage can lead to a significant power outage. She then outlined the potential advantages of Open Energy Systems (OES), a vision of microgrids generating, storing and bidirectionally sharing DC energy. As a practical example she described a pilot project in Okinawa, where faculty housing at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) is showcasing the feasibility of an OES approach, and she concluded by underlining the great basic-lifestyle benefits of an affordable, bottom-up, distributed electricity grid, especially for those who live in parts of the world where most people have little or no access to electricity.

02.TPoK Annette