NY Symposium: "Style Cryogenics - The Future of Music Assets?" F.Pachet

「スタイル・クライオジー二クス:音楽資産の未来」 フランソワ・パシェ_01

Bringing the symposium to a close, François Pachet, Director of Sony CSL Paris, spoke on the theme of Style Cryogenics, with a special focus on music. After mentioning his solid street credentials for addressing this subject (as a licensed Paris Metro busker), he moved on to an interview that he had conducted with Ennio Morricone, the legendary Italian composer of soundtracks for movies. Morricone, whose work has a very distinct identity, said that he uses musical intervals to express meaning, with a sixth, for example, conveying a sense of vastness. Pachet then introduced the Continuator, a technology that permits real-time interaction with style. A jazz pianist might play a short improvisation, for example, and the Continuator would produce a musical response in the same style. Pachet described how he had used his research findings in this area to create styles that could be applied to any piece of music. One illustration of this was an application of the complex harmonic style of Take 6, the celebrated jazz vocal group, to The Island by the renowned Brazilian songwriter Ivan Lins. The startled and ecstatic reaction of Lins, captured on video, drew attention not only to the value that he himself perceived in this adaptation of his work, but also to the asset value of style itself. Pachet concluded by introducing Radio FM2, a public musical-style mash-up service coming soon to a device near you, courtesy of Sony CSL Paris.