We start accepting the applications from students living in foreign counties. The application deadline is February 26. Please see below for detail information. We plan to start the internship program from July 2021. (Please note that schedules may change due to COVID-19 situation.

About Us:

Sony CSL is a framework to make the wildest ideas come true, for the future of humanity. Sony CSL conducts research by the motto: "Act Beyond Borders." Sony CSL respects and fosters each member's independence, initiative, and creativity to let them challenge themselves to change the world by exploring new domains, new concepts, new business areas and new technologies.

Internship Program:

Sony CSL is now offering research internships for students looking to take on challenges working with CSL researchers. Students will contribute to research projects, research and develop solutions, author papers, and gain real-world research and development experience.

Program Activities:

  • a guidance lecture of researches at Sony CSL
  • research
  • reporting achievements
  • feedbacks from researchers

Current Intern Positions/Overview of Qualifications

Sony CSL is currently recruiting internship positions for the following projects. Please click each project to find an overview of basic qualifications, expected results, tasks, desired skills, and location.

Tokyo Laboratory
Michael Spranger
Kyoto Laboratory
Currently no open positions

Selection Process:

After your application, students will be selected through screenings and interviews with researchers. Please expect about one month from the day you send your application before the final decision is made. Internships from overseas will be arranged through IAESTE.

Please note the purpose of this internship program is to provide work experience for students and has nothing to do with recruiting researchers.

Inquiries:   (Yamakoshi / Kashiwa)

January 31st, 2021

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