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Peter Hanappe

I work on the urgent challenge of creating a more sustainable society using a combination of novel technology and social involvement. I invite people to participate in environmentally and socially relevant projects to learn about sustainable solutions and adapt their behavior. In parallel, I design novel technologies that support these activities. I introduced low-power computing techniques to exploit the unused computing power of home PCs to run large-scale climate simulations, requiring much less energy than data centers. In the NoiseTube project, users of cellphones collectively measure and create detailed maps of environmental pollution, particularly of urban noise. In P2P Food Lab, I am currently working on small robots to help agroecological micro-farms with advanced crop monitoring and with physically challenging tasks.

Sustainability / Agroecology / Citizen Science / Robotics / Commons



Selected Publications

Colliaux D., Macé, A. and Hanappe, P. LettuceThink: An open and versatile robotic platform for weeding and crop monitoring on microfarms. Montpellier, France, July 2017 European conference dedicated to the future use of ICT in the agri-food sector, bioresource and biomass sector (EFITA)

Colliaux D., Wintz T., Hanappe P. Bringing phenotyping to the field: An evaluation of 3d reconstruction of plants in outdoor enironment, Venice 2017 ICCV’17 workshop on computer vision problems in plant phenotyping.

Hanappe, P., Beurivé, A., Laguzet, F., Steels, L., Bellouin, N., Boucher, O., Yamazaki, Y.H., Aina, T. and Allen, M. FAMOUS, faster: using parallel computing techniques to accelerate the FAMOUS/HadCM3 climate model with a focus on the radiative transfer algorithm. Geoscientific Model Development, 4(3):835-844, 2011.

Hanappe, P. Laptops Unite! Supercomputer for climate simulation. In Wynants, M. and Engelen, S., editor, We Can Change the Weather: 101 Cases of Changeability, Crosstalks, pages 46-47, VUBPress Brussels University Press. 2010.

Maisonneuve, N., Stevens, M., Niessen, M. E., Hanappe, P. and Steels, L. Citizen Noise Pollution Monitoring. dg.o '09: Proceedings of the 10th Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research (Puebla,Mexico; May 17-20,2009), May 2009 Digital Government Society of North America / ACM Press.


Peter Hanappe studied electronic engineering at the University of Ghent, Belgium. He wrote his Ph.D. thesis on real-time music and sound environments at Ircam (Centre George Pompidou, Paris).

As a researcher at Sony CSL Paris he has worked on new modes of content creation and distribution that involve the participation of (online) communites. He now focuses on projects in the domain of sustainability. He was involved in setting up a collective system for monitoring noise in urban environments (NoiseTube) and in building critical components for large-scale climate simulations in collaboration with the U.K. Met Office. Most recently he founded the P2P Food Lab to experiment new technologies for agroecology and community-based food systems.