Media Ambition Tokyo


"Media Ambition Tokyo2021 (MAT)" has started from 5/12 at Tokyo City View, Roppongi Hills 52F.  

You can experience two of Shunichi Kasahara's works at the event until 6/8.

■Fragment Shadow

This is an interactive system that allows us to interact with the transformed self of real physical shadows. Fragment Shadow system creates a unique projection space with a large screen surface from multiple projectors by comprehensive spatial geometry and color calibration process. When human bodies enter the projection space, shadows are no longer just usual black visual objects. Fragment Shadow generates various visual expressions in the optical shadow such as fragmented, transformed, textured, and even immersed in the graphics. Your real shadow is restructured into novel visuals unexpectedly, yet with infinite resolution and zero latency since the shadow is a physical phenomenon. We still recognize transformed shadows as “self” and attribute those transformations to ourselves.

■Morphing Identity
What is our identity? This work provides an experience in which a face that you know to be your own will be transformed into the face of another person. Based on the human perceptual characteristics of visual changes, computationally created perceptually smooth change is applied to the facial image and composited in real-time, causing the face to change without perceiving the change. By focusing on the fluidity of identity that facial images have, we explore how the self that you think you are and the self that others think you are can be transformed.

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