New Company Established: Sony Space Communications Corporation Will conduct space optical communications business


Sony Group Corporation announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Sony Corporation of America , has formed a new company, Sony Space Communications Corporation ("SSC") , to conduct space optical communications.

SSC plans to develop small optical communications devices to provide related services to connect micro satellites in LEO via a laser beam.

Sony Group has been conducting research and development of optical communications systems at Sony CSL to enable high-speed data communications over long distances in a form that can be mounted on micro satellites. By applying the optical disc technology that Sony Group has cultivated over many years in the development and production of CD players and other products, it aims to realize optical communications devices that are ultra-compact, lightweight, mass producible, and can withstand harsh environments such as space.

SSC aims to promote the use of optical communications in space and to contribute to the improvement of convenience in peoples’ lives, including through the expansion of socioeconomic activities.

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