Syneco Portal : Synecoculture™ Learning Kit Handbook


An updated version of the "Syneco Portal : Synecoculture Learning Kit Handbook," is now available in English and French.

The idea behind Synecoculture farming is to return to the power of life on earth and restore the ecosystem from the soil. The "Syneco Portal : Synecoculture Principles Learning Kit" is a first-hand experience kit being developed to help people learn about this mechanism through experimenting with it on a planter scale. It was planned and designed under the supervision of Masatoshi Funabashi, Senior Researcher at Sony CSL, with Kei Fukuda, independent designer as well as Navigator at Synecoculture Association, and Yoko Honjo of Research Activation Group at Sony CSL.

Syneco Portal : Synecoculture Principles Learning Kit Handbook  (2023.12 Ver.0.51):
English PDF French PDF 

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