Yoko Honjo

Having lived in a multi-national environment including people from more than 15 different countries, I know firsthand how people’s nationality, social status and culture can shape what they believe is “right,” in ways both subtle and dramatic. I do not believe there are “absolute” values, and yet, seeking standards on which I can base my own decisions has always been my deep-rooted endeavor. I have lived in a world where what you say is more or less synonymous with who you are.
Sony CSL is a collection of prodigious researchers with diverse backgrounds, interests and perspectives free to explore their own paths. If research is a reflection of the researcher’s values and the way he/she sees the world, then I would say that there are as many different worlds here as there are researchers. Also, I feel a strong affinity between the environment at Sony CSL and the one in which I was raised. So while paying all my respect to the researchers and their research, I would like to continue to deepen my own values and worldview as well, so that I can exert both efficiency and fairness in operations at Sony CSL.

2008 Received Project Management Professional (PMP) certification
2011 Curator License (Japan)




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