Media coverage from SXSW on "Superception":

Sony put four perspectives in one VR headset - This is 'Superception

Digital Trends
Sony’s ‘superception’ VR tech could let users see virtual worlds through another’s eyes

BIG Immersive
Sony Uses Superception For Inclusive Outdoor VR Gaming

I played 'tag' using a fake VR headset and I feel like such an idiot

Sony will take part in SXSW 2017 (South by Southwest), the world's largest creative business conference and festivals, to be held in mid-March in Austin, Texas.  Sony CSL researcher S.Kasahara's "Superception" will be introduced at its exhibition at the Interactive Festival from 3/12 - 3.14.

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"The WOW Factory"

Press Release
SXSW 2017  Touch and try Sony's latest prototypes incorporating cutting-edge technologies

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